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Level 1: Basic Technique

This class is for climbers who want to learn the secrets to climbing more efficiently and gracefully. For newer climbers of all abilities and fitness levels, Basic Technique provides you with a fun, encouraging environment. Over six weeks, you’ll learn body position, weight shifting, footwork, backsteps, drop-knees, flags, route-reading and more. We’ll start with a climbing-specific warm-up session, followed by 2.5 hours of skill evaluation, climbing technique introduction, drills, and individual feedback. The bonus? You’ll meet other climbers and potential climbing partners.

Level 2: The Next Step

If you’ve taken our Level 1 course or if you’re already comfortable with aspects like basic body positioning, backsteps, and dropknees, it’s time for The Next Step. We’ll pick up where Level 1 left off, review basic concepts, and upgrade your overall physical fitness and climbing endurance. You’ll learn new skills like advanced flagging, heel hooking, deadpointing, mantling, short and longterm goal setting, mental exercises, basic hangboard techniques, and more.

For The Next Step, please note: Our instructor recommends an onsight level of 10a, and the ability/endurance to perform at least ten easy climbs during the course’s three hours.