Family Annual Pass Gift Certificate


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The best value for a family of climbers! It’s meant to give parents and their children an affordable chance to climb together.

Who qualifies for a Family Annual Pass?

  • “Family” means single, married, or common-law parents and up to two dependent children 18 years of age or younger (each additional child is $200)

  • Couples without children do not qualify for the Family Pass

  • The Family Pass does not cover extended family members such as uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.

Please note that unlimited passes are for experienced climbers or those who know how to belay. Anyone who doesn’t yet know how to belay must take our Intro to Climbing Course.

Belaying – Securing a climbing rope with tension so that you support your partner as she/he climbs up the wall.

The minimum age for belaying at Cliffhanger is 14 years old.